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HelpDesk, A AnyLogic beginner would appreciate some help
Dear AnyLgic Community,

my name is Peter Paul and I'm currently writing my Masterthesis. A small part of my Thesis is modeling in AnyLogic.

I'm fairly new to the AnyLogic Software and would appreciate some help regarding the following problem:

I would lke to show that a job shop with an bigger amount of flexible worker can process the incoming workflow more quickly.

In my Model I have two Agents called Material1 and Material2.
As well as two different ressources WorkerFlex and 2x WorkerSimple. Therefor in total 3 different Ressources (1 x WorkerFlex && 2 x WorkerSimple)
- WorkerFlex can process Material1 and Material2.
- WorkerSimple can only process Material2.

The agents Material1 and Material2 should run through the Process Modeling Libary Blocks:

Source -> Service -> Sink

Incase Material2 reaches the Block Service it should seize WorkerSimple. If not available WorkerFlex.
Incase Material1 reaches the Block Service it should seize WorkerFlex, because WorkerSimple can not process Material1.

I'm strugeling with a couple of points* and would highly appreciate an easy solution.

*How can I a get the Block Source too take two different kinds of agents (Material1 && Material2)?
*How can I get the Block Service to operate with two different kind of ressources and differentiate between two different kind of material and what specific ressource they need to get processed?

Thank you very much for your support in advanced. :D:)

Best regards
Peter Paul
Hello Peter!
The Service and Seize blocks allow to define resource sets. If the first set is not available, agent will try to seize the second set, etc.

For simple cases it is better to create two sources and two services with queue capacity equal to 1. First service accepts Material1, while second — Material2. In front of the Service there should be a queue and selectoutput block that splits the flow depending on agent type (agent instaceof Material1 condition).

In general case, the resource sets should be parametrized in the Material agent and specified by code. It is not complex, but requires some pieces of Java code.
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