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Testimonial from USCIS Transformation

Being somewhat rusty from the modeling days, the course provided the necessary refresher to get back into shape. The training provided sufficient introduction and conceptual understanding for practical scenarios in realizing the full potential of AnyLogic. George and Ilya's enthusiasm carried us through some tough and interesting lab exercises; and of course their support was key in helping me and my colleague to leave the training with the essentials to drive AnyLogic value at our organization.
Mansoor Awan, Strategic Business Analyst ,
USCIS Transformation

Testimonial from Consolidated Contractors Company

The training was very structured and condensed, designed to make the most of the three training days. However, the real benefit lies in the exposure to the trainers team, the creators of the software, that helped me understand better the way the software ticks. You also get to pick the instructor's brains on issues that you might have faced while using AnyLogic. That was really helpful and added a lot of value to the training.
Joe Jabbour,
Consolidated Contractors Company

University of São Paulo

I've attended AnyLogic training and found it indeed very useful once it presented me the main concepts of modeling with a new Java based tool and went trough all the main libraries of the program. Staff was very helpful, offering personal assistance during the training as well as during the adaptation period afterwards. The training session was for sure great professional and personal value-adding.
Thiago Brito,
University of São Paulo, Brazil

Testimonial from University of Bayreuth

AnyLogic training was very useful for us. We could, in a short span of time, solve some very interesting and challenging modeling and simulation problems and extend our knowledge about AnyLogic's modeling capabilities. Furthermore, the tutor was very supporting and answered our doubts and gave directions. During the training we also networked with some experts in discrete-event simulation in the healthcare domain.
Gaurang Phadke, Research Assistant ,
University of Bayreuth

Testimonial from Old Dominion University

I participated in AnyLogic training and experienced professional attitude, well-prepared training material, and excellent skills of trainers, which allowed me to learn necessary skills. As far as I know, AnyLogic is the only object-oriented M&S software that supports DES/SD/ABM methodologies with pre-built graphical and extendible libraries, and access to all Java API that allows for adding any particular functionality. Currently, AnyLogic is in my opinion the best M&S tool for modeling in modular, hierarchical, and incremental manner, which allows for representing systems to any desired level of detail. I am currently working on my dissertation (M&S), and I cannot imagine using any other M&S software.
Mariusz Balaban, Research Assistant,
Old Dominion University

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

The training workshop was really helpful to get a good understanding of the AnyLogic simulation environment and appreciate its potential. First part focused on getting the basics and experimenting with each modeling methodology using easy-to-understand examples. Second part of the workshop covered many advanced features which were explained in detail by our capable trainers George and Ilya who also provided a fun and welcoming training environment.
Principal Informatics Scientist,
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Testimonial from Columbia University

I wanted to thank George and Ilya immensely for a wonderful training. It think it will go a long way towards advancing my health research.
Jorge Luna,
Columbia University

Testimonial from University of North Carolina

I very much enjoyed the AnyLogic training course. The course materials were easy to follow and the instructors were highly knowledgeable of the course content. I came to the course with a specific modeling topic, and the instructors were very helpful in helping me implement my ideas within AnyLogic. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who would like an in-depth overview of the many benefits of using AnyLogic to model decision processes.
Diana Chirovsky,
University of North Carolina

Testimonial from Cooperative State University

My memories of the Paris training are excellent. Thank you very much for this friendly welcome, the care given to our individual interests and all insights into the AnyLogic software. I really appreciate the course and look very much forward to staying in touch with you and the AnyLogic team. Many thanks to Ilya, Dmitrii and Vladimir.
Dieter Gramlich,
Cooperative State University - DHBW Heidenheim

Testimonial from Enel Distribuzione

The AnyLogic training I just followed in Paris has been really helpful to understand in which ways will I use AnyLogic. I think AnyLogic is a powerful tool for simulation modeling; its feature to use different modeling paradigms is its most interesting capability from my point of view. Furthermore it allowed to draw models with very different abstraction levels. And all that just with very basic knowledge of JAVA due to its "drag&drop" feature.
Fabrizio Stura,
Enel Distribuzione

Testimonial from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

I did the Anylogic Course during three days in Paris. The course was very interesting, and well built. We follow a main exercise during the three days, well covering the interesting features of Anylogic, and if we are interested there are a lot of extra exercise to go deeper and see even more features. I would recommend this course to any new user of Anylogic, it is a very good introduction to this complicated but powerful software.
Guillaume Sartoretti,
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Testimonial from University of Stavanger

I attended the training in Paris in March of 2013. Although the level of prior experience with simulation within the trainings group was quite mixed, the two trainers managed to address the problems and questions of each individual participant very well. The practical orientation of the training let the attendees experience the complexity of simulation. Besides the standard course material, the trainers took a lot of time to discuss the individual plans and tasks of each participant - which is of great help when trying to get a better idea of the feasibility of one's own simulation project. Very helpful and professional training!
Jakob Emanuel Beer,
University of Stavanger

Wasatch Academy

The course runs you through a set series of exercises to show you most of the capabilities of AnyLogic, which are expansive. The exercises do a great job of getting you quickly involved in how to use AnyLogic, but the best part of the class were the instructors, Yulia and Anatoly. They were extremely knowledgable about AnyLogic itself, simulation in general, and in programming in general. They were always able to come up with a solid answer to any question I asked. They were also very good at understanding precisely what my question was - which is a completely different and important skill. Also of great value was the ability to talk with other students and see what they were doing, what problems they were encountering, and hearing the instructors give advice on how to solve those problems. Excellent class – well worth the cost, time, and travel!
James Taylor,
Wasatch Academy

Testimonial from IBproS, LLC

The training was extremely helpful in understanding the fundamentals of modeling using AnyLogic. The material and examples covered were very detailed and the instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. This training is a must for anybody who wants to embark upon simulation modeling using AnyLogic. Great experience. This will help me immensely going forward.
Prasad Kilaru,


The training class was extremely successful for myself. Not only I started to understand the hybrid simulation modeling approach the Anylogic tool has, which is unique with huge advantages in the simulation software market, but also I learned from basics about how the tool works and how we could start to build simple to advanced models in such a short time period! Unbelievable!) The quality of the training class is extremely high. The knowledge of trainers are so broad and deep in the simulation and modeling areas. The tech skills trainer had for the tool itself are amazing too! The 5 days training was amazing and we felt so short. Hope we can learn more from you guys and work with you in the future!
Xiangshang Tong,

Testimonial from the University of Maribor

AnyLogic 7 Training in Paris was very well prepared, showing us the main advanced capabilities of AnyLogic in the field of modelling and simulation. I would recommend this course to anyone serious in simulation since the tool pushes the boundaries forward both, technically as well as methodologically. Of special interest to me was the mapping from SD to Agents as well as pedestrian modelling. Mr. Grigoryev and Mr. Koltchanov provided excellent explanations as well as consulting with regard to our ongoing AnyLogic projects in the course afterhours.
Andrej Skraba,
University of Maribor

Testimonial from BHP Billiton

I participated both in Fundamentals and In-Depth training courses. Fundamentals course extremely practical! A very good hands on training experience with enough variety in the examples covered to get a holistic overview of all the main functions that are available in AnyLogic. It illustrates the multi simulation methods available in AnyLogic and how to integrate them into one model. In-Depth course covers selective advanced capabilities. Most of the topics are very useful (use of data bases, optimization experiments, traffic, pedestrian and rail library etc.) and some only useful in selective cases (e.g. additional windows, Java debugger). Course is very practical with hands on examples. I found in both training courses that the assistance of the training coordinator to be extremely helpful, not just in the training examples but also for advice on current projects. Both trainings are very adaptable to participants level and can be scaled according to individual's learnings speed as each participant progresses on their own.
Jacobus B. Vosloo,
BHP Billiton

Testimonial from Arbache Consultoria

I attended the combined 5-day AnyLogic training (Fundamentals + In-Depth). This course showed me how AnyLogic can change my work. My projects became more streamlined, faster and better than I ever did. The instructors, George Rivas and Ilya Grigoryev were fantastic. They really helped us understand the AnyLogic tools. After this course I can use AnyLogic to solve the problems of my clients quicker, increasing the revenue growth of my company. I recommend this course and AnyLogic to everyone.
Fernando Arbache,
Arbache Consultoria

Testimonial from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris

It was very useful and effective, the AnyLogic training. Without complicated concepts, we were just told some basic knowledge at the beginning, then with specific steps to follow, we constructed a modularized supply chain simulation model in five days. During this process, we got to know how to simulate with AnyLogic, and learned to use the most frequently used controls, and have ideas about more complicated configurations in the model. It is really cool to learn in that way, together with people in both academia and industry. The interaction among us was very instructive.
Xu Xiaozhou,
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris


Both Training classes - Basics and In-Depth - were very detail, helpful, and provided extremely valuable information covering not only the capabilities of the tool, but providing hands-on experience with building models for diverse applications representing various modeling methods. Training allows to understand the complexity of simulation, as well as solutions provided by AnyLogic. Special thanks to the trainers - Anatoly and Yulia. Their professionalism, in-depth knowledge of the simulation practices, troubleshooting skills are simply outstanding. Thanks, AnyLogic Team!
Dmitriy Atrakhimovich,


I participated in both Fundamentals and In-Depth training courses. Both courses were well designed with excellent hands on tutorials and examples on multimethod simulation that AnyLogic offers. The training coordinators were very helpful and professional, in particular Yulia Tropina who gave excellent advice not only on training examples but also on current projects.
Harel Dahari,
Leiden University Medical Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Testimonial from the Russian Post

Having seen AnyLogic capabilities I could immediately name tens of logistics and supply chain management tasks where it could help with finding the optimal solution. So for myself I decided that learning AnyLogic is "a must". I have taken the combined training. Believe for mere one week of training this course gives just as much as it is possible in its best - the overview, examples, and practice of three main simulation approaches, the exercises of combining and replacing the simulation methods with each other within single task simulation, and even the very basics of Java. Having completed the training I have identified the areas to pursue further and have got the kick off to proceed so in order to master the tool. I believe that working in AnyLogic can be a part of standard qualification requirements for a logistics or supply chain management professional.
Daniyar Salavatullin,
The Russian Post