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2016 AnyLogic 7 Training Course Schedule 04.01.2016 Rene Reiter

Incredible value, hands on learning! The AnyLogic 7 Training Course has been a staple for new AnyLogic users whether you’re an academic or commercial customer. Understanding the importance of the course and the benefits modelers have experienced Ilya Grigoryev, Head of Training Services made it his top priority to update the training content ensuring a world class program upon the release of AnyLogic 7, our newest version. Now is the best time to sign up for a course and become familiar with AnyLogic 7 capabilities. The course agenda includes an introduction to multimethod modeling and simulation, both by theory and demonstration getting you familiar with the AnyLogic software model development environment.

Delivery Fleet Optimization Webinar Follow-up Materials 06.07.2015 Rene Reiter

Thank you for registering and attending the AnyLogic "Delivery Fleet Optimization with GIS" webinar on May 28th. We hope the webinar was interesting to you and met your expectations. For your convenience, the recorded webinar is available on the Educational Videos page of The goal of AnyLogic and your webinar moderator, Tom Baggio, Sr. Solutions Architect at AnyLogic North America was to expand your knowledge of AnyLogic capabilities, functions and features. Please share your thoughts by completing this short survey. [...]

Webinar: Delivery Fleet Optimization with GIS 30.04.2015 Rene Reiter

Join us for the“Delivery Fleet Optimization with GIS” webinar May 28th at 12noon CST for a step-by-step process of building a supply chain model with real-time GIS features and optimization capabilities. Webinar Objectives: - Build a regional supply network - Integrate real-time GIS technology - Optimize the delivery fleet assets - Enrich the simulation by integrating additional data sources Webinar attendees will receive the model source code, all necessary associated files and how-to-build written instructions.

AnyLogic 7.1 Demo: Linking Maps and Simulation 24.12.2014 Rene Reiter

Supporting all three modeling methods, AnyLogic is the most functional software on the market. With the new GIS map features, its capabilities are beyond your expectations. Watch this video to see how easy you can build a transportation model with GIS maps in AnyLogic 7.1. The simple click by click instructions begin with building a flow chart, finding a city via the built in search engine and sending a truck from San Francisco to Phoenix, no coding needed! Search for pharmacies, stores, bus stops and more, then convert the objects in to model markup elements in just two clicks. Plus zoom and pan can be used while building and running the model. You can view these and a detailed description of all features available in AnyLogic 7.1, on our website.

Help Us Enhance GIS in AnyLogic 7! 01.05.2014 Rene Reiter

One of our goals in AnyLogic 7.1 is to significantly expand the functionalities of the Geographic Information System (GIS). We know from feedback that you are looking forward to these improvements, and we want to make sure they meet your expectations. So go ahead, tell us what you think! AnyLogic’s development team is looking for your answers to the following questions, so let us know what’s important to you and why on our LinkedIn User Group page. 1. What are possible uses of GIS in AnyLogic? 2. Do you have any GIS-related feature requests? 3. Would you like enhancements to current GIS functionality?