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Case Study: Major US Airline decides NOT to Charge Additional Fees 30.12.2014 Rene Reiter

A major U.S. airline was facing a situation where opportunities to extend the existing strategy were limited, coupled with an increasing cost structure due to competition, commodity prices, and acquisition integration activities. The airline began to explore several options to generate new profits through ancillary products or changes to existing policies and was under intense pressure from board members, Wall Street and various analysts to do so. PwC, the world’s second largest professional services network, was employed by the Airline to model the predicted impact of the client’s ticket market share and company brand sentiment after introducing new products or policy changes.[...]

Supply Chain Model Using Agent Based Simulation- Live Demonstration 23.04.2014 Rene Reiter

Managing a supply chain requires complex analysis and strategic planning. Modeling and simulation with AnyLogic software allows you to stress your system and optimize strategies – all in a virtual environment. An example supply chain model was demonstrated live by Andrei Borchshev, CEO of The AnyLogic Company and is also available for you to run on This model of a supply network, comes with an Adaptive Supply Chain tool. It is US-wide and consists of part suppliers, producers, distributors and retailers whose properties can be viewed and edited with just one click. For example, the stationary (s,S) inventory policy applies throughout the whole supply chain, but you can change both the “order point” and the “order up to” level of any individual object. [...]