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Workshop at the AnyLogic Conference 2015 05.10.2015 Rene Reiter

Join us for an AnyLogic Workshop Wednesday morning, November 4th from 9:00 am- 11:00 am. Get the latest tips and tricks on our most advanced software and newest versions, straight from the source! The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Andrei Borshchev, CEO, Nikolay Churkov, Head of Development and a special guest instructor. Space is limited, register now!

Center for Research on Risks and Crises: Custom Training Courses 10.07.2014 Rene Reiter

Professors, PhD and postdoctoral students from MINES ParisTech, Ecole Centrale, and The Polytechnic University of Milan, gathered at the Center for Research on Risks and Crisis (CRC) in Sophia Antipolis, France for a four day Custom Training Course with Ilya Grigoryev, Head of Training at The AnyLogic Company. The engagement focused on the formalization and unification of organizations and companies working towards reducing their vulnerability and increasing their resilience to particularly disrupting and damaging events (major technological accident, accidents at work, industrial diseases, natural and environmental contingencies, project risks, operational risks, etc.).

Fall Events in North America: INFORMS Annual Meeting 2013 and Others 23.10.2013 Scott Hebert

Over the past few months the AnyLogic North America team have been busy attending many customer events and conferences and spreading the good word about AnyLogic. AnyLogic North America attended the Annual INFORMS conference in Minneapolis, MN at the beginning of October. We maintained a high visibility level through two workshops (one workalong, and one demonstration) and our state-of-the-art booth. Indeed, our booth received very complimentary remarks from several of the other vendors for its elegance and messaging. [...]

“Multimethod Modeling and Simulation with AnyLogic” Workshop Video Available Online 17.07.2013 Vladimir Koltchanov

The video of Dr. Andrei Borshchev’s workshop “Multimethod Modeling and Simulation with AnyLogic” is now available online. The workshop took place at the Henri Fayol Institute of École des Mines in Saint-Etienne, France on June 19, 2013. Dr. Borshchev introduced theories about different simulation modeling methods and multimethod simulation. He also showed how to build models employing these different methods. This workshop would be interesting to people unfamiliar with simulation modeling and to those who want to expand their knowledge in this topic.

Complete Workshop Video Available: “Introduction into Simulation Modeling for Business Applications” 28.03.2013 Stepan Egorov

The “Introduction into Simulation Modeling for Business Applications” workshop video is now available on our website. Dr. Andrei Borshchev, CEO of The AnyLogic Company, was the presenter. This workshop program introduces the audience to different simulation modeling approaches and shows examples of their use. It also illustrates the various features of AnyLogic 6 and reviews several real-life problems from different industries that were solved with the help of simulation modeling. The program is specifically designed for those who are new to simulation modeling to explain and demonstrate why simulation modeling is important and what kind of problems it helps to solve.

Healthcare Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training in Sydney 13.03.2013 Stepan Egorov

Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training took place on 18-22 February 2013 at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. Healthcare was the main field of simulation modeling application discussed there. The workshop’s target audience was simulation modeling specialists, researchers, practitioners and policy makers who wanted to advance their knowledge in dynamic modeling methods and see some examples of their use. 42 people attended the event. You can find the materials here.