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Published Paper Program 05.06.2014 Rene Reiter

Attention all University students and Professors! Want to receive 50% off your AnyLogic yearly maintenance? It’s simple as… 1. Mention AnyLogic as an integral tool used for your research in your published paper. 2. Submit the paper to, Attn: Rene Reiter 3. Receive 50% off next year’s maintenance agreement, up to $500

Why do universities value AnyLogic? 18.10.2013 Alena Beloshapko

Today, modeling and simulation are in high demand. Surprisingly, there are few universities that have programs designed for them. In 2000, Old Dominion University was the first in the United States to offer a Ph.D. in modeling and simulation. Now it is the only university in the country with an undergraduate program. Old Dominion has extensive experience in teaching simulation, and Old Dominion chooses AnyLogic. [...]

Worldwide Simulation Modeling Student Competition 16.09.2013 Alena Beloshapko

Take part in Simulation Modeling Student Competition and win an iPad! Participer dans la compétition en AnyLogic modélisation. Gagner un iPad! Nehmen Sie teil an in unserem Modellier-Wettbewerb für Studenten. Gewinne ein iPad! 学生モデリング競技会でIpadを勝ち取る! 仿真竞赛获胜者奖励Ipad一部

AnyLogic 7 Alpha Version Released 14.08.2013 Stepan Egorov

This alpha version is not intended as an official release and will not be distributed publicly. However, AnyLogic users will get an opportunity to get a glimpse of it at any of the upcoming events the AnyLogic Company is going to take part in. For example, the first unofficial presentation will be made at the Agent-Based Modeling Bootcamp for Health Researchers on August 19-24, in Saskatoon, Canada. You are also welcome to reach us at other events to see the alpha version! The final official release of AnyLogic 7 will be available in winter 2013. Stay tuned!

¿Quiere estudiar AnyLogic? ¡Tenemos un curso en español para usted! 06.08.2013 Stepan Egorov

A new Spanish web course featuring AnyLogic available: "Multimethod simulation for business".