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Senior Executive Decision Support Tool at USAA 18.01.2017 Rene Reiter

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a Fortune 500 Company offering diversified financial services and insurance to people and families that serve or have served in the United States Military. With nearly 12 million members and various services, it is imperative that USAA’s business initiatives with strategic objectives of the enterprise are aligned. To accomplish this alignment, USAA combines advanced analytics, simulation methods, and enterprise architecture concepts to create dynamic and systemic models of the enterprise. A major catalyst in these efforts is Dr. Bipin Chadha, Data Scientist at USAA who has developed several decision support models for strategic planning, capability roadmaps, operational risk analysis, capacity planning and scheduling, and portfolio optimization.

Predictive Analysis in a Risk-Free Environment 12.02.2015 Rene Reiter

From warehousing decisions and transportation planning, to minimizing expenses and maximizing service level, optimizing a supply chain and logistics network is a complex and multi-faceted exercise. In addition to the day-to-day challenges, prepare your organization for the unexpected; a port shutdown, trade policy changes or natural disasters. These and other unexpected events can have a devastating impact on your organization. Mitigating the impact of external factors by ensuring alternative mission-critical capability will help prepare your business to overcome such adversity. Compared to traditional methods, utilizing simulation modeling for crisis management, business continuity, cyber attacks, disaster recovery, reorganization and other “what-if” scenarios is a low-cost, relatively quick, easy-to-run solution. Simulation modeling allows you to visualize these key factors and engage decision makers to ensure your plan is as effective as possible, and that you are prepared for whatever you encounter.[...]

AnyLogic System Simulation at the Heart of Gojii 18.03.2014 Rene Reiter

Gojii, developed by DecisioTech is an advanced analytics solution powered with an AnyLogic simulation engine. The concept behind Gojii is a management strategy tool that helps firms make good inventory policy decisions in the face of uncertain demand. Traditional forecasting is subject to past decisions, product positioning and current actions, often times producing unrealistic results and lacking opportunity cost calculations. Gojii does not replace any part of the operations tool set, but rather changes the mindset from a forecasting, to an opportunity mindset. The unique tool uses a system simulation model to calculate the cost curve at every point in time and allows comprehension of the feedback relationship between supply decisions and the market response over time.