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Manufacturing Simulation Model – Live Demonstration 13.03.2014 Rene Reiter

The manufacturing process is complex and can be impacted by many factors: supplies, equipment, factory overhead, management styles, etc. The more variables there are, the greater the possibility of disruption to the smooth operations of an industrial unit. The many factors that influence manufacturing costs and procedures can be analyzed with the use of AnyLogic Simulation and Modeling software. Decisions regarding manufacturing development, optimization, or reorganization can be costly while the potential benefits are often hard to justify prior to implementation. Simulation modeling is widely used in manufacturing for various problems from intermediate process optimization to strategic management. View this live demonstration of an Autoclave Aerated Concrete Factory where application of various storages and equipment pieces are showcased. Andrei Borshchev, CEO of The AnyLogic Company displays the internal components of the models development environment including the building process capabilities, available statistics and the option for 3D animation.