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What’s new in AnyLogic 7? Usability Improvements 09.04.2014 Rene Reiter

For the 2nd edition of the “What’s New in AnyLogic” blog, I would like to share with you one of the main priorities for our development team during their work on the new version. This most exciting advancement is around product usability. The new version contains many upgrades that fundamentally improve the modeling process in AnyLogic software. These enhancements make your everyday modeling easier, with fewer clicks, less typing and less time spent repeating actions. First, we tried to cut down on the amount of code you have to type while building a model. For example, now elements can be chosen by using drop-down lists, which significantly accelerates the workflow. To make a reference in a logical object (for example, Queue or Delay block) to a graphical object (for example, path, node, area), you only need to click on the object in the Graphical Editor. This allows for two quicker and easier ways to set links between elements.