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Beyond Marketing-Mix Models 28.10.2016 Rene Reiter

A multi-national pharmaceutical company recently launched a new non-generic drug. Since the company already owned the leading non-generic drug in that market, cannibalization was a concern. The goal was to create market share for the new drug, while maintaining or increasing market share for the well-established drug by modifying types of promotional spend. Traditionally, the Analytics Department would employ a Marketing-Mix Model (MMM) to determine the impact of promotional spend, but the company was looking for further insight into the mechanics behind the MMM. After exploring multiple options, they determined agent-based modeling, and ultimately AnyLogic would allow for the greatest flexibility and visualization.

How-To Video: Converting GIS Shapefiles to AnyLogic Rail Markup 12.10.2016 Egor Yakovlev

If you have ever created a railyard consisting of multiple railway tracks in AnyLogic, then you might be familiar with the hint described in the video. If not, watch it and learn how convert GIS shapefiles to AnyLogic rail markup. It will save your time while building the railroad model and acquaint you with the Railroad library. [...]